How do you like to play?

Scott Kirkpatrick

20 June 2022

Let’s say that you love to get out of work in the summer and dash off to the course for a quick nine holes (who doesn’t?). Do you ever find yourself lugging around a full set of clubs in a heavy-duty bag when a few clubs and the essentials is all you need?

Mizuno stand & cart bags

The idea behind PING’s Hoofer Lite stand bag is to take that weight off your shoulders so that you can just relax. You’ll still have room for drinks, valuables and even a sweater if you need it, but the super-lightweight construction makes a world of difference for your on-course comfort.

On the flip side of that, you might find the most joy in waking up on a Saturday or Sunday (or even both, if you’re lucky!) and playing 18 holes come rain or shine. In that case, you really can’t afford to be caught without anything you might need.

You really can’t afford to be caught without anything you might need.

That’s why PING also offers bags like the Pioneer Monsoon cart bag; made with durable, waterproof fabric to last a long time and incorporating dividers for every club, along with no less than TEN spacious pockets! There is also the Hoofer Monsoon stand bag - a waterproof equivalent pictured below that we think you'll love.

Whichever one sounds more like you, there’s plenty of options for both stand and cart bags in our PING range. You can find out more online by clicking below or coming to see them in our pro shop.

PING Hoofer Monsoon

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