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Scott Kirkpatrick

09 January 2023

You know that feeling when you walk out the house for a Sunday morning round and find it’s colder than you think? You dash back inside, grab a sweater and get on your merry way. Easy enough!

But what if the weather changes as you’re approaching the first tee? What if the heavens open mid-round? These are scenarios we’ve all battled through on the course, but we want to make sure you’re prepared for it all, and our ProQuip range means you can be. So, let’s take a walk through a typical January round of golf.

ProQuip Pro-Flex Evo 2 Quilted Gilet
ProQuip Pro-Flex Evo 2 Quilted Gilet

Cold mornings

Hopefully you can nip this in the bud by grabbing a sweater as you leave the house and feel the frost hit you. But, even if it’s warm when you’re teeing off, the temperature might drop during your round, so stashing one away in the bag never hurts. The great thing about ProQuip’s Pro-Flex Evo 2 Thermal Quilted Gilet is that it’s made to retain heat and it looks really smart with any outfit, meaning it will keep you toasty and always looks great when you put it on!

ProQuip Jersey Wind Shirt Pullover
ProQuip Jersey Wind Shirt Pullover

First-tee showers

How many times have you hit a few practice putts, gone strolling up to the tee box and felt the first spits of rain greeting you at the worst possible moment? It can be a massive downer on your round before you’ve even hit a ball in anger.

We say can because it doesn’t have to be. If you can reach into your bag and pull out the ProQuip Jersey Wind Shirt Pullover, you’re suddenly feeling smug and there will be no anger when you hit your first golf ball of the day. There will, however, be a free range of movement, plenty of warmth and protection from that light rain… we prefer that to anger.

ProQuip Pro-Flex Evo 2 waterproof jacket
ProQuip Pro-Flex Evo 2 waterproof jacket

Mid-round downpours

There’s nothing worse than walking down the fairway during a great round, looking up at the sky and seeing those ominous dark clouds rolling in overhead. You know you’re going to be huddled under a tree pretty soon. That is, if you’re not prepared.

ProQuip knows you can’t always predict the weather, so it made its Pro-Flex Evo 2 waterproof jacket with a lightweight design that folds up neatly into your bag. Most importantly, this translates perfectly into a jacket that keeps you dry and lets you play without interference.

We hope you’ll never have a round ruined by the weather ever again! In fact, you can make sure you don’t by getting down the pro shop and checking out everything from jumpers to jackets and even the hat to keep you warm.

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