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Scott Kirkpatrick

15 April 2024

We love playing golf. There’s nothing quite like stretching your legs and enjoying being among nature for an 18-hole stretch.

That being said, it’s only normal to start to feel tired when we’re outdoors walking and swinging golf clubs for hours at a time. It’s always those last few holes where fatigue starts to set in and we can feel ourselves not being as focused as we were earlier in the round.

If you have a golf hole on the back 9 that’s your particular nemesis, feeling tired could be one of the contributing factors to why regularly find it challenging to play. The average golf course yardage, and walking from tee to green while meandering over the fairways, means we’ll likely be walking over 5 miles each round.

That’s a long distance, especially if you’re carrying your clubs and equipment on your back! So, what can we do to keep our fatigue at bay to better our performance?


Do you own an electric trolley?


If you already own an electric trolley, you’ll be aware of how easy they are to use. Instead of having to carry your clubs, your bag easily slots onto the trolley, and the motorized functionality has you walking along with your clubs rather than needing to push them.

If you think about it, playing golf with an electric trolley is the easiest, most energy-conserving method of enjoying the game, besides having your own dedicated caddy that is.


Compact, portable trolleys


The more entry level trolleys tend to be lighter on tech compared to their big brothers, but are a real joy to take out for a spin on the golf course. Modern electric trolleys are designed to fold up into tight packages so that they fit in your car better. The batteries are easy to charge and are very quiet from when you start them up to when you turn them off again.


GPS trolleys


It’s really important to know how far away your target is on the golf course, and modern GPS trolley have distance-reading functionalities built into them. These nifty devices allow you to view crisp yardage readings on a bright glossy screen, and even offer recommendations of how to approach your next shot.


Remote control trolleys


The very high-end trollies come with a handheld remote-control device that allows you to control your trolley at a distance. This is an exceptionally fun and useful feature for when you’re needing to play up between shots. These luxurious trollies tend to be made of more exotic materials, such as having leather hand-stitched handles.

If you’d like to learn more about these kinds of electric trolleys and how their various functions can help boost your game, we’re available to offer you our expert advice in the pro shop.

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