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Don’t let it slip!

Scott Kirkpatrick

19 September 2022

Perfect grip in wet weather with Z-Grip
Perfect grip in wet weather with Z-Grip

Golf in the rain

If you love the game of golf, you’ve probably found yourself caught out in the rain while playing in the past. Sorry to break it to you, but that probably won't be the last time…

That feeling of the club slipping mid-swing, as if the Golfing Gods themselves are tearing it out of your hands, is as frustrating as the game gets. We usually look at our hands, then at the grip on the club, and curse the fact we can’t do anything about it… 

Find your grip fit with Golf Pride

Stop your clubs slipping

To say the solution is in your hands might be slightly misleading, but it could be in your hands: a brand-new grip. Golf Pride actually makes grips that are specifically designed to ‘manage moisture’ and maintain control over the club in wet weather, with the Z-GRIP being the most effective. In fact, the technology they utilise in this grip is actually really impressive.

Golf Pride Z-Grip
Golf Pride Z-Grip

Golf Pride's Z-Grip

To start, the brushed cotton cord wicks away moisture to avoid it sitting on top of the grip. Then, the Z-shaped pattern means that water runs into the indents and away into a different layer; far from the surface that you’re holding onto. Finally, the firmer feel of this grip compared to others in the line allows you more feedback and a more intimate feel at impact; something you’ll be very grateful for when looking for that extra bit of control on rainy days. It's all actually really beneficial when you think about it.

This can make a huge difference to your scoring in the winter months, so why not pop by the pro shop and find out more about our re-gripping service?

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