Easy evenings on the course

Scott Kirkpatrick

25 April 2022

Is there anything better than an evening round – or even just a quick nine holes – after work in the summer months? Packing your bag and loading it in the car is one of those euphoric ‘life’s good!’ moments, right?

You throw in a couple of snacks, bottles of water, enough golf balls to stop you worrying and maybe the odd mid-layer. Then you make sure you’ve got all the clubs you’re going to need; maybe a full set or perhaps just enough for a relaxed nine holes.

The last thing you want is to have this moment spoiled by realising you don’t have enough space for what you need. That’s where the importance of a good golf bag comes in, and where PING pops up to save the day.

PING’s Hoofer Lite stand bags
PING’s Hoofer Lite stand bags

PING’s Hoofer Lite stand bags are incredibly handy. Whether you like to carry a full bag of organised clubs or you prefer to travel light on summer evenings, this bag has plenty of spacious pockets and club dividers. Those pockets are even purpose-built for things like valuables, drinks and apparel!

That sounds great, but what about cart bags? The PING Pioneer Monsoon cart bag has even more purpose-built pockets and even more storage space, as well as 15-way dividers at the top.

PING Pioneer Monsoon cart bag
PING Pioneer Monsoon cart bag

Crucially, the Hoofer Lite stand bag – as the name would suggest - is conveniently lightweight; making it easy to load in and out of the car and, most importantly, to take around the course with you. That helps with reducing fatigue, discomfort & risk of injury when carrying your bag.

Make your evening rounds easier and more enjoyable than ever before with PING’s fantastic bag range. You can see the full range online by clicking below or check them out in the flesh by coming to our pro shop whenever you feel like it.

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